Monday, February 1, 2010

New Year's Resolutions....a little late...

I find myself thinking frequently these days that time is so fleeting, and that I really need to try to preserve some of these priceless memories that fly by every day. And then another day passes, and another, and another, and nothing is done to capture any memories! So I vowed that I would try to blog a little bit more this year to try to do just that. I think I will write in a more personal sort of style, because when all is said and done, I hope that I can look back on this and be glad that I included all sorts of details, thoughts, and feelings, much like a journal. So forgive me for that. And forgive me if there aren't as many pictures as there probably ought to be. One memory that prompted this resolution was thinking back to my junior year in high school. We watched a play called "Our Town". I can't remember the whole plot, but do remember that Robbie Benson starred in it. I remember one scene in particular: a woman who has died young is offered the opportunity to go back to any day in her life to relive it. She is cautioned not to pick a really special day--just any ordinary day. What day does she pick? Her twelfth birthday, a very special day. As she goes throughout the day, she learns things about herself, and wishes that she had made different choices, said different things, and simply was more grateful for the simple, ordinary pleasures that make life joyful. I think about that poignant scene as I am sitting in my rocking chair holding my little Lucy and smelling her clean hair. Or as I am standing and doing the dishes or laundry for my family. Or piling the kids in the car for the umpteenth time to run whatever errand. I think about what kind of a day I would pick to re-live. And I think that I would pick just about any day at all.

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