Monday, August 30, 2010

Rockhound, anyone?

I have been trying to have "surprise days" with the kids (an idea I got from the Ensign), where we don't tell them where we're going, or what we're doing until we're on our way or there already. Sometimes it's nothing too fancy or expensive (well, okay, usually that's what it is), but mostly it's a way to make something that isn't too exciting sound a little more exciting (i.e. the other day I got groans when I suggested that we go for a hike, but now I think I'll make it a 'surprise day' where we go on a "leaf hunt" for our leaf books). So far for our surprise days we have gone to the Houghton library (our first week here), and then a tour of the Quincy mine, complete with a tram ride and underground tour of part of the mine.

So last week, I was getting a little stir crazy, so for our latest installment of "surprise day", we drove to Copper Harbor and Eagle Harbor. We walked around each city a little bit, but it's was Jared's idea to look for neat-o rocks (mostly we were looking for agates, but we picked up anything that looked interesting). We stopped first at one beach between Copper Harbor and Eagle Harbor that mostly had sandstones, but really fantastic rock formations and great waves on this particular day. The kids had a blast running on the rocks and playing games with each other. The next place we went to was called Sand Bay, I think, and was supposed to have a lot of agates and other rocks. Jared and I went a little crazy with how many rocks we picked up, but there were a ton of really cool rocks. Now we just need to figure out how to polish them, because I think they'd make some great jewelry. Eva declared it to be "the best surprise day" yet!

It was just so darn beautiful along the beach! This was the agate beach.

Here was some of Eva's booty.

Star Wars seems to permeate so many parts of our lives these days....

Lucy loved the windy windy spots on the rocks.

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